Narrogin Speedway and WASC announce Junior Drivers’ Development program

Narrogin Speedway and WASC announce Junior Drivers’ Development program

The WA Speedway Commission (WASC) proudly announces a Junior Development program alongside Narrogin Speedway in the Wheatbelt. The program aims to encourage the training and knowledge of young drivers to become safe, responsible, and skilled drivers both on, and off the track.

WASC is the governing body of the speedway in Western Australia, recognised by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Interest as the State Sporting Association for the sport.

Narrogin Speedway is a regionally based, incorporated club promoting the sport of speedway based in Narrogin, Western Australia. The Club has members from across the region, and has been working hard on its junior membership for some years. One of the initiatives that the Club identified, was the need to actively encourage young people into the sport. At the outset, it can be an expensive sport to get into, especially if someone has never been involved before.

WASC Chairman Des Alfirevich states, ‘it is necessary to teach young people the road rules, the basic skills they need to control the car, and safe driving practices, such as defensive driving and risk assessment. These are all skills that a speedway driver has to possess.’

WASC has provided a grant to Narrogin Speedway to fund the purchase and fit-out of a specially equipped junior sedan with dual controls for training drivers, enabling a competent driver to accompany a novice driver whilst in the learning phase. The junior sedan will be available for WASC events throughout the year to promote speedway, driver safety, Narrogin Speedway and WASC.

Narrogin Speedway President Steven Stewart says that the grant was a fantastic recognition of the collaboration between Narrogin Speedway and WASC in providing accessibility for young drivers to get involved in the sport of speedway racing. The junior sedan car, nicknamed ‘Junior’, has already been used as part of the Junior Development Day held by the Narrogin Speedway Club in early October 2021.

The Junior Development Day was first instigated in 2020, and after an overwhelming success, was held again this year. The day aims to encourage up and coming, interested young drivers and their families to come along and hear (and see) what Speedway is all about. An added attractive incentive is for the young people to ‘have a go’ in the junior car under the careful supervision of an experienced race car driver. This gives young people the opportunity to see what it is like, and get a taste for the action, so to speak, and hopefully starts them on the journey of being involved in the Club and the sport.

For further information, please get in touch with Lawson Dixon, WASC General Manager, on 0435 917021

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