The WA Speedway Commission undertakes independent assessments of all speedway tracks in WA at least once every two years in order to:

  • Assess that current minimum safety guidelines are in place
  • Provide external and non-biased assistance in identifying hazards and safety issues
  • Ensure access to updated information and advice on safety guidelines being developed for speedway facilities.

These assessments are undertaken by a member of the WA Speedway Commission Track Grading Committee. The information collected during a track assessment is presented to the Track Grading Committee and used to determine compliance of each track with the minimum safety specifications for speedway tracks, as outlined in the WA Speedway Commission “Speedway Safety and Racetrack Guidelines”.

Once compliance is assessed by the WA Speedway Commission Track Grading Committee, a Track Grade is allocated to determine the categories of cars/ divisions that can safely race at the track. Safety improvement works are identified and a report is prepared (this report) and circulated to relevant stakeholders, including:

  • Local government land owners
  • Lessee clubs / track operators / owners
  • Insurers, including LGIS and other relevant organisations
  • WA Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

If a track operator wishes to improve the allocated grading of their track they are required to provide evidence of completed improvements to the satisfaction of the WA Speedway Commission.

Upon improvements being completed, the compliance with minimum safety standards may be reassessed by the Track Grading Committee and a new Track Grade issued. The Track Grade is allocated in the Track License issued by the WA Speedway Commission each year.

Key Outcomes from Track Assessments

  • Report outlining compliance with safety guidelines
  • Track Grade determined
  • Safety improvement works identified and documented in a Safety Improvement Plan
  • Stakeholders (land owners, track operators, insurers) notified of issues and risks
  • Communication process established that allows for re-assessment of Track Grade once improvements are completed.

The Track Safety Assessment process has 5 stages.

Stage 1: Pre-Assessment Survey

The Club survey form is sent to the track operator for completion in advance of the assessment.

Stage 2: Assessment

A member of the Western Australian Speedway Commission Track Grading Committee attends the track with a representatives of the club and other stakeholders (if available) to conduct the assessment and discuss findings.

Stage 3:  Track Grading Committee review and report

Results of the assessment are presented to the Track Grading Committee for consideration. A report is prepared and circulated to stakeholders.

  • Track Grade is issued (determining which divisions of racing are suitable for the venue)
  • Improvement plan is issued where rectification work or improvements have been identified

Stage 4:  Post Assessment Follow-up

A member of the Track Grading Committee will contact the club to discuss the results and talk through the report and improvement plan

Stage 5: Assessment Close-Off

Evidence (photos) and information on improvements/ works is provided by the track operator to Western Australian Speedway Commission upon completion:

  • Improvement works are closed off
  • Annual Track Licence is issued
  • Operator may apply for event permits
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