Work, Health and Safety Legislation and what it means for your Speedway Club

Work, Health and Safety Legislation and what it means for your Speedway Club

WHS and Industrial Manslaughter

As State Sporting Association, the Western Australian Speedway Commission would like to remind clubs and division racing officials that under Western Australia’s recently passed Work, Health and Safety 2020 legislation (WHS) they have a duty of care to ensure all competitors abide by safety checks. In the most severe circumstances, this new legislation has the potential to see club officials charged with industrial manslaughter. With this in mind it is important to ensure all competitors are properly secure and wearing the appropriate safety devices correctly.

WASC administers the State Government supported Safety Governance Framework. It is necessary that all officials maintain and update their credentials by participating in the Western Australian Speedway Commission’s Stewarding and Scrutineering workshops. WASC has for decades produced the highest standard of officials through our real-world workshop training.  Online training, while a component of learning, is not sufficient enough to ensure an official is properly competent, as an official that has gone through the workshops provided by WASC.

Attendance at such training workshops is essential to retaining and advancing WASC credentials. Workshops are free of charge and offered at various venues in regional and metro locations throughout the year. If you would like a workshop to be held at your club or area, please contact Jane at or call the Commission on 0892010229

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