Safety Framework

The Four Pillars of Safety

All racetracks will undergo a safety and grading assessment at least once every two yearsAll tracks will operate under a valid Track Licence issued annuallyEach event will have a valid WA Speedway Commission Permit, with a post-event Stewards’ Report providedAll officials and scrutineers will hold valid WA Speedway Commission accreditation
Track Assessment for venue safety (2 yearly)Check that critical safety improvements are completedRacing divisions are consistent with Track GradeStewards/ Officials & Scrutineers accreditation and development program delivered annually
Safety Improvement Plan issued for Club Risk Management processesAnnual check that risk assessments are undertakenAccreditation of officials is checkedAccreditation program reviewed regularly to reflect industry changes
Land owners informed of safety improvement needsCurrency of Public Liability insurances checked1st Aid, emergency and safety features in place for an eventSafety processes advised and understood
Track Grade issuedReady to operate at Track Grade issuedDrivers licences and vehicle log books are checked at events, and the Chief Steward returns a report for each eventOther training needs identified

Shared Benefits


The Safety Governance Framework provides a number of benefits for speedway clubs, promoters, associations, government and their stakeholders. Some of the benefits include:

  • Provides a systematic process of safety checks and balances
  • Provides confidence that safety measures are in place
  • Provides for a consistent and coordinated state-wide system
  • Safety is assessed by people with specialist speedway knowledge
  • Independent of any insurer or insurance product
  • Provides an avenue for sharing the latest safety information and useful tips
  • Specialist training is delivered in regional centres
  • Assistance for clubs/ promoters with risk management systems and information to meet Duty of Care obligations
  • A body of knowledge is collected that can be used to identify trends and emerging issues in the sport
  • Provides a back-up to a club’s record keeping on events (e.g. if a claim was brought and an incident on a certain night needed verifying)
  • Information about venue safety advised to land owners by people who understand speedway
  • Source of independent information for local government and their insurers to understand their assets and assess risks and liabilities
  • Single source of information about the sport for state government (e.g. health department reporting, a consideration as part of Department of Sport and Recreation grant assessments)
  • Confidence that speedway as an industry is self-regulating and self-managing.