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At a recent meeting of Industry Representative Organisations held at the WA Department of Sport and Recreation, and attended by Minister Murray, it was revealed that there are as many as 13 state sporting associations reporting various degrees of bullying, coercive and anti-competitive behaviour from their respective ‘national’ sporting bodies, whether they be a democratically elected association, or a self-appointed business.

Minister Murray made it very clear to those attending that he and his department are taking very seriously any unjustified instances of bullying of WA associations, clubs, volunteers and participants and that such behaviour would not be tolerated. Minister Murray and his office, and the DSR are currently working with these state sporting bodies, and have elevated their concerns to his federal and other state counterparts on this important issue.

For 20 years, the Western Australian Speedway Commission has been recognised by the WA State Government as the Industry Representative Organisation for Speedway in WA, and is owned and controlled by you, our affiliate clubs and divisions. WASC is here to represent your best interests, In particular when it comes to the safety, training and governance of our sport, which may be directly and negatively impacted by any such behaviour. For example, such issues may include the threat of fines or sanctions against volunteer officials, or perhaps by club officers being coerced into to signing up for unwanted “commitments”, amongst other things.

WA Speedway Commission is interested to hear from any Western Australian speedway club, track, division, volunteer or participant directly affected by such behaviour that may have occurred in the past, or is occurring now, and we would encourage those affected to contact us and provide details where possible.

Please contact the undersigned in the strictest confidence,

Lawson Dixon
General Manager, WA Speedway Commission

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